The Guidebook

The public opening of Le Jardin Secret provided an opportunity to collect together texts, photos and drawings that provide more detailed information on the riad and on its restoration into a book and that guide the visitor in the discovery of the complex. This guidebook to the Le Jardin Secret edited by Tom Stuart-Smith, gives the reader an overview of the riad’s various aspects: you can learn about its history, read interesting testimonies about its past and be guided in the discovery of its architecture and gardens.
Illustrations and photographs will make it possible to gain a greater appreciation of the plans for the garden and the restoration work. The second part of the guidebook is instead devoted to the different trees and plants found in the Islamic Garden and in the Exotic Garden, and offers up curious tidbits and information about each one of them.

Le Jardin Secret: a guide by Tom Stuart-Smith
A5 Format
82 pages
27 illustrations; 19 photographs
Published by Le Jardin Secret.

GUIDE : Le Jardin Secret Marrakech